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Another year full of blessings

I am now a year older. Well, let me correct that. I am PHYSICALLY a year older. Whether I want to admit it or not, the body grows older. My hair would soon turn white, my skin will be wrinkled, my knees will be weaker, my body will grow old. However, that doesn't mean that my soul, my heart, my enthusiasm for life will also grow old.

This day marks another turning point in my life. This is a day when I get to look back at the past year and recall about the things I did and didn't do. This is also the day when I get to look forward to another year, another batch of months and weeks and days full of intriguing blessings.

Well... since September 24, 2011 up to today, what have I learned? Let me share with you the best lessons I came to know about life. What have I been telling you all all these time? Whether you're ninety-five or twenty five, life will give you endless lessons.

Here's a list of another year's worth of learning.

1. God follows his own plans and has his own time in fulfilling dreams and wishes. We don't know what his plans are... we can only participate in the fulfillment of it. Trust in him is the most important and at the same time, trust yourself that you are worthy of whatever blessing he will give you. Hard work, perseverance and determination are your weapons while faith and prayer are your shields. Your failures will not define you... your faith will. Instead of wallowing in self pity when God allows you to experience failure, show him that you are capable of pulling yourself back together and whatever you imagine, whatever you desire, he will grant it to you. And when he does, when he gives you what you asks for, be thankful and be prepared. Never complain, never give up. Seize that blessing and own it. Your life is for you to live.

2. Take things one step at a time. Life is not a race. It is a journey - a journey of self-fulfillment, a journey of trials, a journey of happiness, a journey of faith, a journey to be the person you're always meant to be. Things in this journey happen at their own times and own pace. Never rush. Life will only reveal its meaning when you allow it to unfold at its own time.

3. Don't be stressed out by the things that you can control. Instead of getting stressed out, do something about it. Never allow it to bother you. A day when you're stressed out and bothered is a day lost. Life is limited. It ticks by every second, it passed every minute. Seize every opportunity you can to enjoy it to the fullest.

4. Repay kindness with kindness. You will meet a thousand people everyday, you will grant favors and will be granted favors in return. Never forget people's kindness. That's one rule in the real life that you have to remember. That is your one and only armor in this world full of deceit and cruelty for when you remember how someone else is kind to you, you will try your best to be kind in return until it becomes a habit, a goal, a dream. Imagine how the world will be if half of its population tries to do be one kind to at least one person everyday.

5. Don't be scared to cry. Crying is a sign that you still are human and that you still feel something. Crying is a sign that your soul and your heart are working. Shed tears once in a while then wipe them after, stand up and fight again.

Life will constantly push you to prove yourself. Don't let it defeat you. Hold it within your palms, hold it by the neck and tell it that you're the master of your life, the master of your world, the master of your faith and master of your very own universe.

It's a beautiful world. If you still don't realize it, start now. You never know what you're missing. ^____^
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